Tectonic Gaming - Morbus

- Rules -

if you are confused about some of the terms you can hit "F1" for basic gameplay rules.

Community agreement

1) Don't go around randomly killing people unless you're an Alien.
    1a) Killing AFKs is considered rdm as No Alien is going to pass up a free kill.

2) Treat other players with respect and do not troll.
    2a) Mic-spamming or chat-spamming will result in a gag/mute.
    2b) Racism and discrimination will not be tolerated (use of Nigger or Faggot is a no go).
    2c) Do not backseat admin*1

3) Ghosting (also known as Meta-gaming to some) is not allowed.
    3a) Using OOC to tell people where you are, who attacked you or that you died is not allowed.

4) Sprays must be kept tasteful, anything considered pornographic/racist/crude/illegal/offensive will be warned, then banned.

5) Advertising other servers is not allowed.

6) Using a voice changer is at your own risk admins will gag for using them.

*1 requesting a slay for an rdm is OK, demanding a slay will result in unforeseen consequences.
- Community -