RDM (Random Death Match):
-Killing a Brood Alien without proof
-Killing another Human as a Human.
-Intentionally damaging another Human as a Human
-Randomly claiming another person as an Alien.
-Calling out or attacking/killing a fellow Alien
-Purposely use traps to kill random people as Human.
-Throws a nade(s) to a group of people (Mass RDM)

-Shooting and/or killing Humans
-Claiming you are an Alien
-False killing a human
-Turns off light(s)
-Do not get damaged by aliens.
-Shoot at you (even if you don't get damaged)

Not Killable:
-Having no reason, evidence, or pluasible cause
-Shooting at somone that shot first
-Aiming at someone

Other Rules:
-No Mic spamming or playing music through your mic
-No trolling or being a minge, don't be stupid and be respectful.
-Hacking will result in a Perma ban
-No pornography in sprays or avatars
No using outside programs to inform friends/other players who the aliens are. (No Ghosting)
-No using OOC chat to give away who the aliens are, that is considered ghosting and thus bannable
-Accidently killing humans as a human while fighting against aliens (event kill=not RDM)