1. An RDM earns you a Slay. Revenge RDM and RDM and leaving earn you a week long ban, mass rdm is a month.
    • Repeated RDM may be banned if seen as intentional for a week.
    • Killing AFKs is considered rdm as they will be auto-slayed after 3 minute.
    • Prop-killing counts as a normal kill, and therefore counts as RDM

  2. Do not be disrespectful, all players are equal. Dispute any issues with respect to the admin and players. Otherwise, it may warrant a ban.
    • Mic-spamming, chat-spamming, or voice changers will result in a gag/mute.
    • Racism and discrimination is a bannable offense, again, this is just common respect.(Do not use Nigger, Faggot or any of there variations)
    • Backseat admining will result in a mute/gag or a ban if continued.

  3. Hacking will result in an instant and permanent ban without discussion.

  4. Ghosting (also known as Meta-gaming to some) is permanently bannable.

  5. Sprays must be kept tasteful (M rated max), anything considered pornographic/racist/crude/illegal/offensive will be warned, then banned for a month.
    • Strangelove really doesn't like furry porn, don't make strangelove cry. Keep it tasteful.

  6. You or your group may only claim an area in the last 2 minutes of a round.
    • You may only claim an area for yourself if no one is in the area when you do it.

  7. Holding up the round as traitor, or giving an innocent a traitor weapon will result in a slay.

  8. When being followed you must give 3 CLEAR warnings before opening fire; the same goes for blocking doors.