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{T-G} Murder Rules

This page can be reaccesed by typing !motd in chat.

The rules can be viewed in greater depth by clicking on each one.

1. Random Deathmatch (RDM, Random)

Random Deathmatch, or teamkilling without sufficient evidence. Killing on suspicion alone is RDM. Attempting to avoid punishment will incur a ban.

2. Harassment/Offensive Conduct

We are all here to meet new people and to have some fun. In the event that the conduct of another player (this may include their name, a spray, speech, chat, etc.) is offensive or harmful to you, you may request an admin look into it for further intervention. Names and sprays should also be tasteful and not disruptive to gameplay.

3. Advertisement/Outside Links

No obvious attempts to recruit to other servers. Passing mention of another server name is all right. We also discourage linking outside websites while on our servers.

4. Claiming

Areas may NOT be claimed by people. It is disruptive to gameplay and prone to many problems.

5. Traps

You cannot use traps unless you are the murderer or acting in self defense. If you use a trap, you are responsible for every person that is killed by it.

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